Why Does My Vape Taste Burn?

One of the most notable aspects of vapingrelx and one of the key distinctions between vaping and smoking is flavor. Vaping should never taste harsh like cigarette smoke does since that is never the case. You should never taste anything burnt, harsh, or “off,” so when your vape tastes off, you’ll probably become alarmed right away.

If this is your first time vaping and all you’ve ever tasted from your device is burnt flavor, you’ll probably feel especially frightened. In that instance, it’s extremely crucial to address the problem because you should never have a bad first vaping experience. If not, you might just start smoking again.

If your e-liquid tastes burnt, we’re here to tell you that it’s not typical and, more importantly, that you can repair it. In this article, we’ll explain why your vape tastes burned and walk you through the steps you need to take to fix the issue.

What Causes the Taste of Burnt Vape?

We’ll start by understanding the reason of the burnt flavor in your vape in order to appropriately troubleshoot the problem. Here, we’re presuming that every puff of your vape tastes burnt. In other words, the problem is ongoing rather than sporadic. If you’re an experienced vaper, you already know that changing your pod or coil will fix the problem. But if you want to stop the issue from occurring again in the future, you first need to understand why your vape tastes burned.

Your vape may develop a flavor that is permanently burned for one of two reasons.

• When you vape, the coil overheats or dries out, which causes the cotton wick to burn. Because you’ll actually taste singed cotton when vaping in this situation, the flavor will be very unpleasant.

• On the heating surface of the coil, e-liquid residue has accumulated. When you use your gadget, the residue is starting to burn because it has grown to be so thick. In this scenario, the flavor of your e-liquid will soon be overpowered by a “caramelized” or “burnt sugar” flavor.

No matter whether e-liquid residue or a burnt wick is to blame, the issue will not go away unless the coil is changed. However, you need to understand the cause of the problem if you’re sick of regularly changing the coil or pod in your gadget.

Despite the fact that both of those situations taste scorched, as we indicated before, they have slightly distinct flavoring effects. What you taste when vaping can help you identify the issue. Your coil has a singed wick if you can taste burned cotton. You have residue on your coil if you taste burnt sugar.

Another simple approach to determine why your vaperelx tastes burned is to look at the coil when you remove it from your tank or pod if your vape system has a replacement coil. The coil’s heating surface is covered in residue if it seems dark and grimy. The coil likely has a burned wick if the heating surface is still white and shining.

Before we go into specific remedies, it’s important to understand that a vape might occasionally taste burned. In that instance, puffing on your gadget will occasionally result in the flavor of burnt tobacco. It will taste normal the rest of the time. In such instance, vaping is definitely causing your coil to dry out but the wick may not have yet caught fire. You must lower the power level if your gadget has an adjustable power setting.

Now that we have that knowledge out of the way, what can you do to avoid a burnt flavor in your vapor?

How to Stop the Burnt Taste in Your Vape Due to Coil Gunk

The most frequent cause of a burnt flavor when vaping is burned e-liquid residue, also referred to as coil gunk. That’s because the majority of contemporary e-liquids contain a lot of sucralose, which when heated doesn’t evaporate but instead caramelizes and finally burns. All tastes have the potential to eventually cause the buildup of coil muck, but sucralose is by far the largest culprit.

So, if coil gunk is your biggest issue, how can you prevent your coils from burning out? In that situation, quitting using sweetened vape juice is actually a rather straightforward answer. Even though the majority of widely available e-liquids are now sweetened, if you look around a bit, you might be able to find some without sucralose. You’ll notice that your coils will last noticeably longer before they start to taste burned if you convert to sucralose-free e-liquid.

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