Just What Kinds Of Humor Exist?

The content that each stand-up comedian MemeScout offers is unique. Unless one of them is blatantly attempting to mimic the other. Someone else’s sense of comedy might not be the same as yours. And that doesn’t imply that one of them is funnier or less so than the other.

However you can get an advantage if you are aware of the differences between each sense of comedy. Also, it might help you decide on the next corporate entertainer you should invite to the workplace.

Slapstick or physical comedy

Physical comedy MemeScout that lasts is essential to slapstick humor. Whether it be getting hit in the head with a hammer that is larger than life. Maybe trip over a banana peel before slipping on some ice and crashing into a tree trunk.

It sounds harsh. Slapstick humor, however, may produce some very amazing comedic effects, as Charlie Chaplin has repeatedly shown.

Second, crude humor

What it sounds like, aggressive humor, is exactly that. It’s hostile! (!!!!!)

This kind of humor frequently centers on insulting others or making fun of someone else. It’s possible that this doesn’t sound like the kind of humor that would make a crowd laugh out.

But, these jokes make perfect sense when you see them being said during a roast. Yet, not everyone finds it amusing. But that’s true of all forms of humor!

Self-improvement humor

This sense of humor is distinctive. People rarely turn to humor to make themselves feel better when awful things happen to them.

Yet comedy that boosts one’s own confidence does just that. It’s a strategy for use humor to get through unpleasant events. Similar to a terrible road trip gone awry. Only to be the anecdote at a dinner party that makes everyone laugh the loudest!

Humor that is self-deprecating or self-defeating

At some point or another, we’ve all engaged in self-deprecating comedy. Yet, this one is unquestionably regarded as being more “poor me”-oriented than the other comedy types. Yes, it has a hilarious side.

But for certain people, it can also be a turnoff. But at its core, this kind of humor is all about being the punchline before someone else can.

(Oaf. Just a little bit darker, I suppose. Let’s try the next sort of humor to see if it can lighten the mood.)

Puns or word play

Everyone is familiar with that one individual who must make a pun every five minutes. That is the ideal illustration of wordplay humor!

Yet, there are other types of jokes that can be used in this context besides puns. Wordplay can also refer to the rearranging of words to create a humorous effect.

For instance, “My word, turtle dove!” or “My turd, worlde dove!” are words and phonetic mismatches. (You understand, don’t you?)

Dry humor or deadpan comedy

Dry humor focuses on telling jokes in a faceless, unmoving manner. So, some people might not get the joke.

But it’s hilarious to someone who is familiar with that fashion. It can be compared to slapstick comedy’s complete opposite.

That isn’t brash and direct. Instead, it is the claims subdued and straightforward presentation, We went to see my in-laws, and as is traditional, they slapped me in the face. The first time they performed it, they at least told me that.

Weird humor

Perhaps the best example of surreal humor is Monty Python. It’s ridiculous and absurd.

It may be described as odd, weird, strange, or quirky by some. Yet that’s precisely the goal of this kind of humor.

Therefore it probably won’t be effective if you’re trying to criticize surreal comedians. They have a funny knack of subverting viewer assumptions.

Black comedy or gloomy humor

As you can undoubtedly infer, dark comedy tends to be a touch gloomy. This humor frequently centers on death, which isn’t always amusing. Although there is definitely potential for one or two jokes. Consider Wednesday from The Addams Family, who consistently puts a horrific slant on comedic material.

She asked, “Are these made from genuine Girl Scouts?” when asked if she would be interested in purchasing Girl Scout Cookies. That is now black humor.

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