Greenhouse Books That Are Available With a Brief Review

Ortho’s All about Greenhouses – by Michael McKinley

Offers basic information and principles. The pictures are excellent 106 pictures, and 80 illustrations, in this 96 page book.


Choosing the right  gardening and greenhouses greenhouse

Construction Basics

Greenhouse plans

Benches and equipment

Managing the greenhouse

Growing projects – hydroponic, Hardiness zone, moth orchids

Greenhouse Gardener`s Companion – by Shane Smith (author) and Marjorie Leggit (illustrator)

497 pages. One of the great reference books for any backyard greenhouse gardener.

Topics Include:

Interior Design


Plant Scheduling

Year-round production

Solar heated or conventionally heated greenhouse gardening

Natural pest control

List of over 300 – flowers, vegetables and herbs

Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long – by Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch

Eliot Coleman’s greenhouse books focus on growing Organic home-grown vegetables throughout the year. A market gardener by trade, Mr. Coleman shows that gardening in the winter months can be done. Sunlight and wind protection are more important than temperature.

He achieves this using tall tunnel houses or Hoop Houses, to protect from wind and keep the snow off of the plants, in the most in-expensive way possible.

Shows how to do this in-expensively through focusing on planting the right plants at the right times saving from the cost of heating the greenhouse.

Topics that this greenhouse gardening books offers:

Planting dates

Construction Details

Sources of seeds

Greenhouse tools

Greenhouses for Homeowners and Gardeners – by John W. Bartock, Jr.

214 pages. This greenhouse book will help with Greenhouse style, size and placement. It decide the best way to build a greenhouse choosing either building one on your own or through a contractor.

This greenhouse book also offers 10 greenhouse plans, as

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