Is The Overnight Cash System (TOCS) Cash Gifting Legal?


As an internet-based cash gifting activity, The Overnight Cash System (TOCS), is the “baby” of online cash gifting programs since it’s only been around for a little over best cash discount program  2 years, but it’s gaining in popularity especially in the UK right now. It uses a 1Up style structure like the others and offers members one of the most professional and hands-off systems out there.

Unless you live in a country where making money is illegal, then the program itself is 100% legal, as detailed in the definitve gifting explanation above. If it was anything else, it wouldn’t have been running like clockwork for the past few years. Furthermore, TOCS has already generated well in excess of $4 million in cash profits for its members.

There are 5 levels or “tiers” in TOCS: $500 (£250), $1,000 (£500), $2,500 (£1250), $5,000 (£2,500), and $10,000 (£5,000). Interested prospects visit the website to read all about the program, listen to the audio recordings, read the testimonies, watch the movies, then they can call in toll-free or submit a Callback Request and get all their questions answered by experienced team leaders. In other words, members never need to speak to any prospects or answer any questions. There are additional fees required to become a TOCS member. These fees are determined by which Tier Level you choose to get started with and range from $200 (£100) to $1,000 (£500). There’s also a monthly fee of $29.95 (£15) for the hosting of the replicated websites as well as access to all the marketing tools. They give a discount if you purchase a one year subscription up front. Just to be clear, the fees I just mentioned are in addition to the initial cash gift that’s sent to the sponsor.

The Pros: With the lowest entry level being only $500 (£250), it’s accessible to the masses. The system is highly automated and members are provided with tons of marketing tools including a turn-key postcard campaign that goes out via direct mail and sends prospects to your personally replicated website. They also have their own lead program through Cutting Edge Media that directs targeted real-time leads to your website. The founder of the system, Joe Jack (yeah, I know the name doesn’t seem real, but that’s his real name) is constantly tweaking and fine tuning the system to ensure it stays n the cutting-edge of what’s working and converting. TOCS is a great for beginners that know nothing about marketing as well as seasoned pros. Nothing has been left to chance, and there are no hidden surprises once you get started. There are also other low cost marketing methods that the UK leadership have discovered to massively increase your success.

Best Feature: Professional TOCS Team Leaders personally call and answer all your prospects questions for you, so it can be almost completely hands-off on the member’s part. This really appeals to people that either have a fear of the phone, or just want to be more anonymous and ‘fly under the radar.’ In fact, I know of many top MLM and Direc

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