What Are the Benefits of Pursuing Jobs in Australia

 Nursing Jobs in Australia – The Best Job in the World


Not only is nursing one of the most rewarding and personally satisfying employment opportunities that is currently available, but with a continuing trend of nurse shortages Nursing jobs Australia  to fill the ever growing list of vacancies, a career in nursing also offers the ability to work in a range of environments and within various specialisations. The worldwide demand for suitable applicants additionally opens up a whole world of opportunities for international travel, even permanent relocation to a distant but favoured land, such as Australia.

The South Pacific is no exception to these trends, with the number of positions available far exceeding the current stock of nurses available to fill those positions. For those who have been contemplating an overseas excursion, study trip or permanent relocation, Australia offers the perfect setting. Nursing jobs in Australia are abundant, with national, regional and local government initiatives being implemented to simplify the process of foreign worker entry. Due to the increased pressure on demand, the pay scale is also being positively affected, resulting in not only a rewarding career, but one that has many extrinsic benefits and motivations that increasing financial rewards create.

According to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia, due to the high demand for foreign workers to fill the available nursing jobs in Australia, the visa application is classed as high priority. This means that once the decision to move to, or visit Australia is made, the process of being accepted into the country through one of the various entry categories will be swift. There is a multitude of categories upon which you can enter Australia and gain wilful nursing employment. Along with the traditional sponsored employment, working holiday and student visa categories, Australia is implementing further initiatives to attract qualified personnel to high demand regions and health institutions.

The first involves a labour agreement between an employer and the Australian Government. This empowers the health institute or organisation to recruit foreign nurses on a permanent basis to fill the various vacancies as they arise. The second initiative is termed the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, which allows district and regional health boards to more accurately and efficiently manage their own employment requirements. Under this legislative agreement, regional authorities are permitted to employ foreign workers on a permanent basis where they are unable to source individuals from the local region to fill those vacancies. However, under this scheme there is a requirement to have completed at least two years of full time medical and/or health study.

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