The Miracle of Nature – Niagara Falls Canada

More than 18 billion visit Canada just to get a glimpse of a massive wonder of the world – Niagara Falls, Canada. However, Niagara Falls, also known as simply the Falls, is also  generators canada

 seen from U.S. It is known to be a horseshoe on the Canadian side and a Bridal Veil on the American.

The Horseshoe Falls, measuring 2,600 feet wide and over 170 feet tall, spurts over 600,000 gallon per second. This enormous size of gush moves into Upper Great Lakes, then Lake Ontario, and ultimately in the ocean. It’s definitely a huge contributor to Great Lakes, which holds around 20% of the world’s fresh water.

Sounds quite gigantic, isn’t it? However, this speeding gush of water was brought to standstill on two instances. In 1848, the Falls froze due to abrupt rise in temperature. However, this miraculous panorama lasted only for few seconds. Later, in 1969, the flow of this plunge was intentionally blocked by American engineers to acquire few rocks lying in the base. However, it turned out to be a very difficult and costly experiment. Hence, it was abandoned.

Along with being a very popular tourist attraction, the plunge of Niagara Falls Canada, is also used to generate lots of electricity. It generates around 4.4 million KW of power that’s shared by Canada and the US. Hence, it is also a great source of power generation, which attracted several industries in this area. The construction of Erie Barge Canal in the US and Welland Canal in Canada has facilitated enormous trade in this region.

Niagara Falls, Canada, has changed names numerous times. From being a Seventh Wonder to Honeymoon Capital, this terrain features Marineland and the very famous Casino Niagara that covers 100,000 sq ft of gaming area. Hence, this is a place that constantly renovates and revitalizes itself.

The surrounding area, except the industries, is loaded with vineyards, dense vegetation, jogging paths, biking trails, etc. Because it attracts millions of tourists every year, the availability of resorts and hotels is never a problem. From huge, lavish five star hotels to diminutive, neat cottages; this terrain encompasses all levels of accommodation. Many other attractions surround this place. Along with many museums and national parks, the Falls also embraces Niagara-on-the-Lake, to garnish your tour.

It’s not only the fall that attracts so many people, it’s the ability of this place to offer such vast variety. Apart from sight-seers, golfers, campers, sailors, hikers, bikers, nature-lovers, and businessmen, all visit this place. If the world had only one wonder, it would have been the Niagara Falls, Canada.

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