Technology Makes it Easy to Be the Star of Your Own Internet Radio Show

Dreaming of becoming a star? There is no better time than now to do just that. Tens of thousands of people all across the United States are starting their own Internet radio shows  reggae music reviews – for free. The world of Internet radio broadcasting is available to anyone with an Internet connection and a burning desire to have their voices, opinions, or music heard worldwide by millions of listeners.

Several sites are available for those wishing to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a star on the radio. One of the fastest growing and most popular sites is Blog Talk Radio. To use the free program, all that is needed is a phone and a computer with an Internet connection. There is no software to download, an optional shared revenue program, and the ability to chat with listeners after the live show. Hosts can receive up to five guests or listeners on the radio show each episode. A variety of promotional tools and other widgets come with the free package as well. Using this free tool is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of radio broadcasting.

Blog Talk Radio also has a premium package that costs a mere $39 per month. Once you’ve outgrown the free package, this is a fantastic option to go even further toward stardom. This package allows the host to screen callers in a private room right from the switchboard, host the show with a headset and computer (no phone necessary), upload pre-recorded podcasts and more.

There are many other sites that offer free services for the aspiring radio broadcast star. One such site that has gotten great reviews from users is ubroadcast. This station manager software is free and very easy to setup. It takes no more than five minutes to complete the process. A ubroadcast station manager can host a live internet talk radio show complete with play list support, podcast uploading, and other content that may be pre-recorded. Another totally free site is icecast. This site is a bit more technical and raw, but totally free and contains lots of ways to promote the radio show through social media networking sites.

A couple of other sites that have garnered good reviews from users, but cost a minimal amount of money to use include Pirate Radio and Peercast. Users of Pirate Radio claim it is easy to use and comes with a lot of supportive promotional tools and widgets. Both require a one-time fee that is under $30 to register.

Hosts can archive past shows as mp3 files or podcasts and offer them on iTunes for sale or for free. There are currently well over 500,000 podcasts on iTunes and millions of downloads. Using a simple spreadsheet or table can help the host with a busy schedule keep track of and manage upcoming shows. Time management and organizational skills will be important once the show becomes more popular, and interviews with popular guests more frequent.

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