need a break from pricey electricals? Introducing EO Clearance…

We know how hard it can be as an electrician trying to turn a solid profit, or when you’re facing the challenge of keeping your DIY project within budget. New technology and innovation often inevitably sees prices  in the electrica Find an Electrician

 l market rise, after all, someone has to pay for the cost of these new R&D improvements and increased material prices. Typically, those costs are unfortunately passed onto the customer. These high costs can lead people like you to search for low quality items from unknown brands with a weak reputation and poor reliability.

However, at Electricals Online, we refuse to make such a drop. We have better solutions (all available to you if you keep reading). We can promise we only stock the best, most well-known, trusted and reliable items from the top quality household names of the electrical industry such as Wylex, Bell Lighting, Aico, Schneider, MK, Wago, Texecom, and many, many, more.

Now, you might ask, what good is quality if you can’t make any money on it?

Great point!

At Electricals Online, we deliver quality goods at a quality price. Of course if goods rise too high then inevitably DIYers are going to struggle to keep pace, and end users are going to end up picking up the bill for their installers. Hmm… if only there was a way to still provide quality goods at a healthy price to your clients, without having to venture away from the comfort and security of using your favourite electrical brands. Don’t worry, there’s no need to dream on, EO is here to help as usual…

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